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Entrepreneur Experience

What made you decide to start a business?  Was it a light-bulb moment in the shower?  Or maybe you’ve been thinking about doing it for years. Tell us how you turned your gig into a business.  Be inspired by stories from entrepreneurs who’ve been down the same path. Share your story and inspire others.

Masheka Turner, Brightskies Payroll and Bookkeeping Services

“I had been wanting to start my own business forever, and I just decided now is the time. I decided to turn my passion into a business.

Mary Ellen & Bill Peden, Mothers Woodshop

“It’s easy to get a dream and it’s hard to jump in. What I found is that it’s even harder when you jump in to stay afloat. The resources Pathway has lent to us have been invaluable in keeping us afloat.”

Trevor Burbank, Refinery

“I’m really passionate about connecting with local businesses in the community and finding ways to help them grow. I found a way, and that is through flexible, affordable office space.

Betsy and Sean Wright, Affinity Technology

“I found that small and medium businesses needed the support that enterprise-class companies had, and I really took that down to the small to medium business level to do it from there.

Hollie Poole, Verum Essentials

“I turned my passion into a business through much prodding from my better half Mark, who was noticing that I was creating all of these products and giving them away for free. He said, you know I think people are really liking your products and you could make a business out of this.”

Jacqueline Hayes, Crayons & Marketers

“Going from working for someone else to working for yourself is a bit different, But I didn’t let that stop me…You figure out how to make it work”

Anca Pop, Striker Advisory


“I started working for a corporation in IT, and then I decided I could do it easier and better and simpler, so I started consulting.

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